Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist

Maurice practices from an independent practice located at the Oaklands Shopping Centre specializing in Spectacle Frame design: limited editions:distinctively chosen. Yet it is sight & vision that is prioritized.

  • Our Products & Services
  • Contact lens fitting
  • Precision Spectacle Lenses
  • Eye Exercises for tired eyes, slow reading & learning difficulties
  • Driving Lenses
  • Sunglasses
  • Reading Glasses; Over the counter; affordable.
  • Lenses Ultra Thin
  • Lenses Light-weight
  • Eye washes: Natural Chemical Free
  • Eye Drops : Natural Chemical Free for tired, sore , red eyes
  • Magnifiers for all occupations & hobbies .from stamps, coins, diamonds & fly-fishing
  • Low-Vision Aids for persons suffering from low vision e.g. Macular degeneratuion, glaucoma & cataracts
  • Image Consultancy using an extensive & distinctive frame style range

Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist will try to understand more about what his patients need and expect - and then find ways to exceed those expectations. Spectacle frame selection in Maurice’s practices are all distinctively chosen for design suitabity. These designs range from classics spectacles frames to limited edition spectacle frames. Spectacle frames that are limited editions, funky, hand painted, arty & other optical frames lend themselves to image consultancy by the Optometrist, Maurice Oskowitz.

Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist will set and re-set objectives to make sure he provides the level of service his spectacle & contact lens patients expect and deserve. This applies also to Eye Hygiene & the recommendations of suitable herbal,chemical-free eye-washes & eye-drops. Notwithstanding these eye treatments,Maurice Oskowitz may also recommend EYE-Exercises to alleviate headaches,migraine,tired eyes, sore eyes & red eyes

Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist will do what it takes to make sure deadlines are met for spectacle & contact lens readiness. Optometric problems will be understood and anticipated and that the only surprises are pleasant ones.

Maurice Oskowitz will try to find ways that earn him the right to be regarded as his patients’ first port of call for their eyecare needs, including pre & post eye-surgical counseling.

Maurice Oskowitz will make sure that he both addresses problems and identifies opportunities as quickly and professionally as possible.

Maurice will regularly ask his patients to rate his performance and contribution - and use those assessments to re-focus his efforts.