Contact Lenses

How to Hand-clean your Soft/Disposable/Colour lenses.
Use this 3-point system for longer life lenses

1) The Cleaning:
  • Use one hand for cleaning.Different place/area on your hand for each lens
  • The right lens is usually cleaned first. Use 2-3 drops of the recommended daily cleaner rubbing in a circular motion in the palm of your hand for 30seconds.

2) The Rinsing:
  • Use other the hand for rinsing:
  • Rinse/flush/splash the lens with Saline Water(never tap water) for 4 seconds.
  • Repeat the Rinse Twice for each lens.Remember 4secs,its quick.

3) Storage(over night)
Store the lens overnight in the case with the recommended storage, disinfecting conditioning solution. This solution must be replaced each night. Your case should be dry during the day .

For the Left Lens:
  • Repeat the procedure for the left, ensuring that your hand is clean. That is, use a different area of the palm/hand or use the other hand

Ready to insert your lenses after storage .Some wearers prefer to rinse again with saline after storage.This is not essential.

As an extra precaution in contact lens hygiene, use:
  • a) special hand wash for contact lens wearers
  • b) special eye wash
  • c) Talk to your optom. about cosmetics and sports
  • d) Conventional lens wearers (those that last 12-Months,must apply protein remover at least once a week with P/tablets or daily with P/storage solution.

Always rinse your contact lens case with tap water.Leave CL-case dry when lenses are not in storage.