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Eye Pillow


The Eye Pillow is used for relaxation. It facilitates circulation & relaxation of tension around the orbits of the eye & eyelids.

Lying down, place the pillow over both eyes for 10-20 minute intervals. Avoid falling asleep with the pillow over the eyes.

The effects of the pillow are immediate & certain brightness in vision may be experienced after a session.

For an extra benefit to the eye pillow, the “Eye-Wash” using chamomile may be applied. Instructions available from Maurice Oskowitz Optometrist

Glaucoma patients must use the pillow under medical supervision.

Visit your Optometrist annually to manage your eye care needs comprehensively.

Common Indications for Use

  • 1] Migraine & Headache sufferers:
    The Eye Pillow may alleviate the intensity of a migraine or headache.
  • 2] Tired Eyes.
  • 3] Blurred Vision related to fatigue, illness, tensions & excessive computer use or reading.

Care of the EYE Pillow.

Withdraw the “grain bag” from the pillow case & wipe down the pillow case with a damp cloth using tap water. Avoid detergents & never immerse the bags in water