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Eye Wash


Morning application is the most appropriate time

Fill eye bath full with luke warm water plus X6 DROPS of Eye-Wash solution

  1. Facing down over hand basin ,immerse right fully open eye , rotating eyeball or cup three times clockwise then anti-clockwise. Rinse cup with tap water and repeat as above for facing up.

    Facing UP . Prepare eye-bath as above:
    Luke warm water+ X6 DROPS of Eye-Wash solution
  2. Immerse eye and tilt head back facing the ceiling, holding the cup against the eyeball for 10 seconds.Repeat for other eye
  3. Use water moist cotton wool swab and wipe deep into both corners of the eyelids and along lid margins (roots of eye lashes).

Repeat procedure with left eye.

The cleansing effect of the Eye-Wash takes effect within seven days of consecutive applications. This can be maintained thereafter with a once-weekly routine.

Further effective results for white eye are achieved by using the above procedure with SALINE BASED eye-drops on the hour for x 3 days - thereafter x3 times per day

Enquire too about Natural Creams/Ointments for  puffy eye lids.